Anybody Can Write

The first time I saw this book in front of the mall, it was like a love at first sight. Usually before I buy books, I checked first the publishing company, if it is from a good publishing, the author, if he/she is well-known and then I will read the foreword and decide if I can buy it with my student-budget.

But when I saw Anybody Can Write, I disregard my standard for a moment. I got a feeling that Jean Bryant can relate on my desire and struggles when it comes to writing. So I bought it and guess what the price is amazingly affordable.

The book has 25 chapters that parted by four. The first one is Anybody can Dream, it says that even though you’re not a student as long as you are a reader you can write. However, dreaming of being a writer is not writing, thinking about writing is not writing. Writing is putting words on paper, first one sentence and then another. Or even one word and then another. After all, we need courage to begin and to keep going. She indicate that we should not worry to much on having a perfect writing for the first time because writing is trial-and-error-and-error-and-error learning process. Writing is difficult, painful but the rewards of reaching an audience must keep us. Writing a journal, talking about writing, attending writing conferences and listening to the experts is also helpful.

The second part is Anybody can Write by making writing a habit. It says that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Regular practice of writing provides stimulation to the right hemisphere of the brain. The main things to remember is to write without thinking and write without stopping. Have you experience being in front of a paper or computer for hours by just thinking? Think. Think. Think and you get nothing? So we should begin to write and ignore unuseful thoughts such as, I can’t write this part, I can’t write it down’ it’s too petty, too shameful. It is not respectful. People won’t understand.” We have to trust ourselves if we really serious about writing. We must trust our passion. Passion that provides momentum, involvement, commitment and action.

Part three is, Everybody has Difficulties. This part hooked me most. Aside of my difficulty in grammar, I always have battle in mind if I can do it. Something like the author says, Fear is a form of self-doubt. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of not doing it right, not measuring up, not doing it perfectly. Perfectionism, a child of fear, is one of the biggest killers of creativity. Aside of this, we all have a blockages in writing like think before you write, wait for inspiration, procrastination, always be serious and so on. If you find yourself you can’t quit on writing, you must break the blockages.

The last one is, Anybody Can Keep Writing. Interestingly the author discuss the right and the left brain characteristic but I will not cite what it says there. The main point is when we write, she says we should consider asking ourselves, “What is my intention for writing this? Why is it important for me to write this? Who am I writing this for?” It is very important as a writer to know our reader. When you already know why you write and keep writing. Practically the final stage is to check the spelling, punctuations, grammar, sentence structure and paragraphing. Punctuation is necessary, I knew as an avid reader because whenever I read it is my hint where to pause and breathe.

The book also contain of activities called wordplay which is helpful to improve your creativeness. I encourage you to do it even you don’t like doing it because it will pay off soon as you begin to write on your own. There is more to learn in this book that you will definitely embrace as you approach a blank paper to fill.

Author: Jean Bryant

Published By Whatever Publishing, Inc.

P.O. Box 137, Mill Valley, CA 94942


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