Single and in Love

Sometimes singlehood for me is like walking in an empty street and sitting alone on the bench in the middle of the rain. It’s funny but honestly, I wish I had you, especially when Heart’s Day so I could have a bunch of flowers, I could creatively design photo album for our anniversary like girls often do and cook your favorite dishes at Christmas Eve.

Like others, I am thrilled to imagine what would be our love story. I wish our first meeting will be at the bookstore or in the museum or to make livelier in the concert perhaps. I hope you have a talent in conversing with the person you just met. That would be convenient for me for I’m kinda afraid to talk nicely for the first time. But surely, if I recognize you as good-looking as Legolas or if I found out that you think different like Sherlock Holmes even you don’t have a possession like Mr. Darcy, I would be willing to talk to you respectively for the entire time. Forget it, I’m just kidding.

On the other hand, I also wondered what it feels like to have a butterfly in the stomach while walking around my room, getting dressed up for a date. I’m sure my parents would love to open the door for you. Then as I pass downstairs I will see my father sitting beside you comfortably and exchanging laughter. Oh, that would be pleasing so much to me. Many years later, in God’s timing, I love to visualize that we are walking in the aisle and my father will lead my hands unto you saying, “I know you will make her happy.” My mother of course in the first row of the church will also pray, “As he claims my Princess, blessed them both, Father.” And we will live and serve Jesus happily.

But God’s direct is kinda different from us. We are the characters but the settings are unpredictable. The preparation is not easy for leading roles in a big reality production. He cannot put us in the set just because we are emotionally-driven or just because we are capable, it doesn’t really mean we are ready. He requires more than that.

At the end, the spotlight is not on us, it’s the Director who chose us to become part of His Fame. Our journey is not just about waiting for His time, it’s about wanting to become like Him. For we do not serve God as time passes by so we can have each other, we do stay in Him even we can’t have each other. Because love is about Him, it is for Him and by Him.

May God be your delight!


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