YICM at 6th Years

Youth Impact Christian Ministry began last February 5, 2011. Our church started when God called Ptr. Leovin Pangilinan. Back then, he is not yet a Bible schooler, he is just a 24- years old teacher in values education and all of us is in the junior High School.

We started having only an electric guitar and amplifier. He rent a place near our campus using our own allowance in school. Were sitting in the floor and borrowing microphones and electric fan from our homes. To help our church to save money, we moved in funeral area called “Damayan”. We thoroughly mapped the place to remove dirt and it’s stink every Friday after school. If Damayan is occupied, we find another place to gather. I remember one time, we rented an open area when a heavy rain fall unto us. Aside of our lack, people persecute us from side to side. But God enable us to rise beyond our circumstance. He help us to press forward. Many youth left but many still remain.

Years past through tithes, offering and caroling every Christmas we bought bass guitar, microphones, drumset, mixer, projector, laptop and so on. As of now we are renting a good place. A giver man also provided for our chairs. We no longer struggle financially because few of the member are young professionals. We are now handling four Campus ministry within Pasig and Makati. He continually raising young leaders through discipleship and leadership training. We have conducted four missions within Luzon for the past two years and looking forward to expand God’s territory as we go beyond our boundaries.

Everyone of us has stories to tell, how God freed us from the bondage of sin, how he blessed our family, how he stretch our faith during persecution, how He mold our character, talents and spiritual gifts, how we experience His unfailing love and unmerited favor.

Personally, I am overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. God deserves all the glory and as we celebrate another year, nothing can stop us from being Kingdom and Righteousness seekers!



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