9 Months Before Christmas

Imagine you’re about to marry the woman of your dreams. She is kind, modest and she loves you with all her heart. One day, she came to tell you that she is pregnant. And the first thing that pops up in your mind “Is there another man?” But she strongly refused. She explained about the angel, Holy Spirit and a child who is the Son of God that she will bear 9 months in the womb. You think she’s losing her mind and maybe she’s creating story to avoid your marriage.

Can you imagine how hard the situation of Joseph before Jesus was born? He is overwhelmed with unbelief. Why? Because God has been silent for about 400 years, no prophets and no comfort from their captivity. But he is righteous man, he was raised up with faith and every feast they go to the temple to pray.

Yet after Mary told him that she is pregnant, Joseph planned to withdraw the wedding. He secretly left her, for he don’t want Mary to expose in public disgrace. He went home devastated. He thought Mary is the one for him. Alone in his room where he felt hopeless, he sleep. He dream about an angel talking to him not to be afraid to take Mary as his wife for what is conceived on her is from the Holy Spirit.

Everything is started to shine. The comfort and hope is genuine. The Savior will be born soon. As he woke up, he rushed unto Mary’s house. On the road of clarity, can you imagine Joseph practicing his apology and proposal? Although he didn’t even know if her Mary will accept him again his courage comes from his love not just for Mary but to Son of God inside her womb.

God sometimes allowed our temporary brokenness to seek his face. In the midst of trouble He is there, introducing His great love. A love that will accept us no matter how sinful we are. A love that endures all odds.

Men, before you ask God for your Mary become a Joseph first. The way to love a woman perfectly is to love Jesus first. You must know Him and experience His boundless love before you love someone. Nobody loves perfectly without Christ. The fact remains that we can hurt each other, like Joseph possibly hurt Mary so much. But if you love Christ you will never be overwhelmed in guilt and hopeless or pride.

Women, be forgiving. “Even when we fail to love other as we ought, Christ’s perfection stands in place of our failure.” (John Piper). As 1 Peter 4:8 says, Love covers multitude of sin. When your Joseph left you, take heart. You still have Jesus and that what is matter most.


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