Don’t Build Wall, Build Yourself

Do you feel aloof with someone? Or you feel someone is being aloof with you? It feels like there is invisible wall that separates you from each other and no one attempts to climb over or break it.

In early times, wall is created in order to recognize their territory and serve as protection from the enemy. Most popular is the Great Wall of China built during Qin Dynasty. Long before Christ, there is also a strong wall that served protection from the invaders and that is Wall of Jericho. It has two layers, maybe 10 stories high. However, there’s only one door to enter and way out.

Behind that wall is the city full of treasure. When God commanded Joshua, the Israelite leader after Moses to invade Jericho, he sent spies to overlook the city. When they found out the people are terrified to them they attacked it by marching 6 days around the Wall and at seventh day they blew the trumpet and shouted. Then the wall got ruined. Perhaps, this is what we need to do in order to be fully conquered by the Lord.

Break the Wall- The city represents us, full of treasure and potential but tightly shut. We build wall to someone we think might hurt or already wounded us without realizing that it causes division, affecting not only us but also other people closest to us. Wall might be our protector but it will never become our comforter. No one sees us behind the wall, its hides us, our brokenness and resentment. Therefore no one else rescue us but ourselves. We are just there, alone, weary and upset. Breaking the wall might be hard for us yet I believe we all need to be broken in order to be new, to be set free and enjoy things beyond the boundary.

Be secured- A person who doesn’t have insecurities doesn’t need wall. In history, walls signified strong establishment of kingdom. Contrary, if a person doesn’t have wall it means he is more secure. He doesn’t refuse risk or avoid hurt. He is strong inside and out that no outsider or invaders can shake his security. If we want to be fortified, don’t just hide after the wall rather lay our foundation in the Solid Rock. Find ourselves completely secure in God. We don’t need to put a mask because He already put a warrior in every one of us.

Be open- Opening our life to others not only frees us, it can also become the way to get rid the real Enemy who is killing, stealing and destroying inside. Our unpleasant attitude towards others is the evidence that he secretly enter our boundary, that cause us to feel aggravated and avoidant. Those actions block us to engage with others. When we learn to drive him out, that’s the moment we will appreciate the rebuke and encouragement of others. We will not just sensitive on our feelings but also sensitive on others emotions. Openness means embracing changes.

If you feel someone is being distant with you, understand them and their situation. Enough playing “the higher the wall, his the winner”. If you think people have done wrong with you, how will you respond?  Are you really trying to help yourself or are you just shutting yourself? 

God is not one-sided, don’t focus on yourself. He deals in both side. He cherishes relationships. He loves unity. As Jesus said, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”- John 13:35


Written: June 16, 2016


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