The Power of Word and Wonders of God- John Piper

Lovestruck Sexy Edition- Ronald Molmisa

Temperament- Tim Lahaye

It’s not about me- Max Lucado

He still Speaks Now- John Sherril

A Leader in the Making- Joyce Meyer

The Call to Joy and Pain- Ajith Fernando

God’s Cure for our Nation- Dr. James Wilkins

Become a Better You- Joel Osteen

God’s not Dead- Rice Broocks

The Vision of His Glory- Anne Lots Graham

Saving my First Kiss- Lisa Velthouse

A Good and Beautiful Community- James Bryan Smith

When Good God Allows Rape- Joy Tan Chi Mendoza

He can Catch you when you Fall- Miriam Quiambao

Come Closer- Jane Rubietta

The Power of Persistent Prayer- Cindy Jacobs

Who would have Thought- Acel Van Omen

Daring to Draw Near- John White

The Question that Never Goes Away- Philip Yancey


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